Operative Furniture


Operational Trend line represents a functional and cost-effective solution for every office space. Simplicity of geometric lines, range of sizes of worktops and wide selection of colours allow for creating an attractive office space of timeless design. Functional additions for desks are an ideal solution for extension of a worktop or for reception of clients. Trend line is complemented with cabinets from Fokus and Euro lines.

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Trend metal

Standalone or within a configuration, work desks from operational Trend Metal line, with geometric lines and in modern decors, represent the best choice for open-space offices and all other solutions that focus primarily on functionality. Work desks are equipped with a cabling system through their metal substructure and table leg. Trend Metal line is complemented with cabinets from Fokus and Euro lines.

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Trend metal light

Operational Trend Metal Light line is a functional and above all transparent line that meets all the requirements of a dynamic modern office space thanks to wide range of elements and flexibility of their connection. By playing with different shapes and colours, it is always possible to find the right solution. Trend Metal Light line is complemented with cabinets from Fokus and Euro lines.

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Elegance operative

The Elegance Operative program is the real answer for the requirements of a modern office space. Two processing, processing and finishing processing of legs in white and gray colour represent the minimalist style that is suggestive of refinement and quality inherent to the accompanying cabinets of the Euro program. Combination of clean and simple lines gives life to a modern and original office for individual or team work. The program includes various functional and elegant solutions for conference rooms.

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Infinity Operative

The Infinity Operative Program is the ideal solution for every office. The minimal office interior design or office with a contemporary industrial interior touch, furnished with office work tables from Infinity Operative Program, will make an office space more creative and functional and comfortable to work. Black metal triangular table legs and the warm wood finish of the table top also available in white and gray colour fulfil all the needs of a modern office. Combined with cabinets from Euro or Fokus programme and a variety of functional conference space solutions, the original office space is created.

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